Name – Antoni Drop
Age – 18
What got you interested in training originally? – I was always a chubby fat kid, since quitting rugby and sports as a whole I needed something to keep me busy so I got into training in the gym, which quickly developed into an obsession with bodybuilding and training as a whole.
What annoys you about the Health and Fitness industry? – There is a lot of misleading and inaccurate information out there that people easily fall for. As well as people on social media giving false expectations on the way you should look and train which can be very confusing and demotivating for people (a lot more people are using enhancements than you think), but in reality everyone’s journey is different and you should do the things that work for you.
What do you think sets Trident apart from other gyms? – Trident is like a huge family where we all support each others goals and work together as a team. There aren’t many gyms that have the same community that we have.
What would be your desired super power? – Teleportation definitely, travelling wastes a lot of time.