Name – Chris Walsh – Director
Age – too old, not saying ☺ (Somewhere between 40 and 50)

What got you interested in training originally? – I had always trained from being a kid, even though I never saw it as training. When you turn up to a rugby pitch 3 or 4 times a week with your friends it doesn’t seem like an effort as its fun and a passion. As I aged and stopped playing altogether not only did I miss the regular interaction with team mates I piled the weight on as I had no reason to train and found going to the gym boring. I had no reason to train as didn’t have a game on a Saturday and as kids grow you prioritise their needs so neglect your own to get them to a swimming lesson/football/gymnastics etc and before you know it 2 stone is on your waist line, everything is that little bit harder to do and just getting up to walk the dog became a hassle. It took me to start training at Joe G’s old gym to start finding a spark and enjoy training again when there wasn’t a game at the end of the week.

What annoys you about the Health and Fitness industry? – The industry is full of bull shit and is unregulated. You could sell a bottle of tap water and market it as a “Fat loss aid” and no one would question you. The health industry if ran properly would help the nation as a whole. If people understood what was on their plate more, how improving your health or losing a bit of weight doesn’t have to be done in a fortnight with some magic pill you have seen a B list celebrity endorse in Instagram the NHS would have to treat much less ailments that are avoidable. This has never been cleared than what has happened in the last few years and now is the time for the government to get behind improving the health of a nation using the educated local gyms with coaches who know how to get results and play the long game. If we improve the health of our kids and teenagers today we offer them a better quality of life in general and reduce the need to need for crazy diets and restrictions in their adult life. Oh and one final thing. I hate the fact that people can become PT’s in a weekend and then sell themselves out as an expert. As a PT/Coach you are taking someone’s health, fitness and trust on board and there are so many people out there who think they know what they are doing and don’t. I’d ask every PT how long they have done it for before committing to them. Every PT has to start somewhere and we know that by the time our younger team have got their own qualifications they will have had 2 years + working with accomplished coaches and we trust them to do the right, educated thing stay away from wannabe experts putting stupid exercises and crazy weight loss goals all over their social media.

What do you think sets Trident apart from other gyms? – Our team and members. The coaches are absolute quality. All with their own specific interests and areas of expertise. The level of knowledge is second to none and this means we spot bull shit a mile off and I think because of the team it has driven our members to be of a similar ilk. All our members have different goals and targets but the community and how they interact with each other is amazing. It’s a place where like-minded people come to improve their own health and fitness and I am proud of everyone involved.

What would be your desired super power? – To stop people feeling sad. I hate it. I know it’s part of life but I would love to be able to take away peoples pain and make it disappear. If we were talking superhero powers though it would definitely be flying like superman.