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A personal approach

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Age, Sex, or your cultural backgrounds are irrelevant within our facility. Everyone’s journey of using the gym will start and finish at a different point so no one will judge. We pride ourselves on having some of the most experienced Gym goers in the area as our members who are part of our extended team making new members feel comfortable. We all started somewhere, and we don’t forget that.

It’s possible to become a PT over a weekend and unfortunately the health and fitness industry often promotes this but you wouldn’t want to be treated by a doctor with only a few weeks experience so why trust your health and fitness to a coach without years of “real world” experience to offer you? For most people having a 6 pack like an Insta model is not a goal. Our members want to feel happy and confident in themselves knowing they can chase their kids around a park without being too out of breath.

Whatever your goals even if that is to have a 6 pack our team are able to have a realistic conversation with you and plan out your short, medium and long terms goals look like.


Proven to achieve real goals tailored to you.

An expert team With over 40 years in the industry

Equipped with specialised and effective equipment

All abilities and levels welcome


Our M.E.A.L test gives you a rating based on 4 main components that are important to measure for success.. Mindset. Eating Habits. Activity. Lifestyle.

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Kate's Trident story

“Trident and their T1 programme was the best investment i made.
Especially as a busy professional with a family to look after it had to be right.”

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Working with local community group and charities etc etc..

We pride ourselves on being more than just “A Gym”, Here at Trident we want to have an impact on the community around us being in local schools and external provisions and using our knowledge and experience not only in a gym environment but working with young people showing them how physical activity and a positive relationship with exercise of many forms can have a long lasting positive effect on them as individuals.

Our work is not restricted to young people but has branched out through our England Boxing affiliation into working who are Neuro Diverse and our team are trained to understand how every person has different needs and our aim is to work around this and ensure everyone feels comfortable in both our environment and when we are working on site with various organisations.

Based on 100 reviews
Mandy Kreczmer
Mandy Kreczmer
The friendliest gym around with trainers and staff who are genuinely interested in their clients, no matter what stage of fitness they are at. Highly recommended
Stuart Richmond
Stuart Richmond
Tried the big chain gyms and a couple of other independent gyms in the area, Trident is easily the best! Welcoming and friendly staff , making the effort to get to know their members ! Great classes and knowledgeable PTs . Clearly you're thinking about getting into better shape and reading this , so don’t bother wasting your time or money trying other gyms! Just head straight to Trident 🔱 !
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson
Great equipment, everything you need and more. Super friendly staff and other gym goers
Cristiane Pavini
Cristiane Pavini
Amazing gym, super friendly atmosphere, great trainers.
Artur Adamienia
Artur Adamienia
Good place
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke
Great place
Abbi Odonnell
Abbi Odonnell
Great experience, great show. I would like to have seen a second bar if we were to go again as it was really difficult to get to the bar so we only ended up having a couple of drinks but ovwrall a great night and friemdly club. All the staff couldnt do more for you.
Sepi Maganu
Sepi Maganu
Can't say how friendly staff are! Always get a "hi," equipment / form advice if you ask, and even if you don't ask- they are truly about your progress, fitness and well-being. What all gyms should be like!