Group Training

Train as a team

Improve your fitness and stamina!

Our group training sessions are varied and challenging and designed to motivate you in a supportive and friendly environment.



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    Team Up for Triumph:
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    Elevate Your Workout Experience

    Find Your Fit: Versatile Classes Tailored to Your Journey.

    Each session is led by a coach to ensure correct execution of exercises and to help guide and push you. You are not just put in a room and shouted at.

    We have a wide variety of classes on offer from our Tri-fit sessions, to boxercise and dance-fit. There is something for everyone.

    In our Tri-fit sessions, each one is varied and works total body combining strength and conditioning. We can always adapt exercises to suit the individual and give regressions where needed.

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    Why Group Training may help you.

    Group Training is great addition to any weekly routine and training with friends or other gym users in a friendly and supportive environment.

    Training in a Group helps motivate you and push you in the session.
    Train at your own speed and comfort whilst being challenged by the coach.
    All Groups are kept small and focussed, we don’t just put you in a room and shout loud to get you moving.
    The benefits of Personal training and learning new skills and techniques without doing it alone or paying the cost of a PT.
    By booking on a class you are less likely to back out of going training. When training alone it’s too easy to sit in front of the sofa watching TV.