In the Community

Trident Gym Community Impact:
Empowering Lives Beyond the Workout

Since 2019 we have been working with several local schools and external provisions allowing students from all backgrounds access to the gym and boxing facilities.

Trident sponsors a number of local sports clubs from football and rugby teams and athletes looking to follow their dreams whilst also having a long-standing relationship with the Leeds Knights Ice Hockey team.

We see ourselves as part of the fabric in the area and believe we are much more than just a gym.

In partnership with:

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In the Heart of the Community: Trident's Community Programs

Some schools we are now part of the weekly timetable by delivering:

Onsite boxing Tuition weekly
Weekly fitness sessions
Helping students with health and fitness related activities towards their GCSE or equivalent certifications.
Students visiting the gym through school time learning how to use the equipment safely and effectively.
Some students may come from a home environment where adults cannot or would not take the children to out of school activities so our interaction allows these children to build a positive relationship with the gym that can be transferred to any gym in the world.
We have run a number of programs in conjunction with Sport England and England Boxing
Mums, Tum’s and Buggies- Allowing new Mums to come and train alongside their kids in a friendly and relaxed envioronment Womens self defence classes.
Neuro Diverse boxing workshops catering for people who may not feel comfortable in a typical boxing environment Boxing for people with Parkinsons
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